EastEnders: Jase is killed in gangland attack

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Albert Square residents are shocked and devastated this week when loveable rogue Jase is killed by gangland thugs on the eve of his wedding to Dawn. What should have been a fun stag do with all the boys in the Vic, quickly escalates into a violent bloodbath.

The night gets off to an ominous start as Jase decides to do a job for gang boss Terry without telling Dawn. As Dawn dashes out of the door to her hen night she thinks Jase’s about to embark on a drunken night with the lads. If only she knew what was really about to happen.

There’s a nasty shock in store for Jase. When he arrives at the address he’s been given he finds a note saying that Terry’s got Jay. In a blind panic, Jase goes on the rampage determined to rescue his son. However, when he does track the kidnappers down to Dawn’s flat he gets beaten to a pulp by Terry’s henchmen and is left for dead. What will poor Dawn do?

Luckily Billy is able to get to Jay out of the flat. But Jay pleads with Billy to go back in and save his dad. Billy heads back in only to run straight to the bathroom and lock the door. He covers his ears so he can’t hear Jase’s screams for help and the terrible sound of the thugs battering him. How will Billy be able to look Jay in the eye after this?

The police come in the nick of time and the ambulance takes Jase to hospital. Sadly, it isn’t long before the doctors pronounce him dead. Meanwhile, Dawn is drinking and chatting with Heather and Shirley in the club and has no idea that she has just lost the man she was about to marry the next day. How will Dawn cope with such a tragic loss?

To make matters worse, Jay hails Billy a hero because he thinks he went back in to help try and save his dad. Billy knows the truth and the guilt starts to weigh heavily on him. When the truth does eventually come out Honey is shocked that Billy stood by and did nothing while Jase was being beaten to death. Billy is consumed with guilt.
Meanwhile, amidst all the drama on the square a new face appears quite unexpectedly at Vinnie’s flat. After almost clouting what he thought was a burglar over the head with Minty’s vase, Vinnie soon realises that he has a squatter. And what is more: it’s his son Callum! What is he doing in Walford we wonder?

Despite only being in the street for ten seconds, it isn’t long before the new lad about town spots Stacey in the square and takes a liking to her. Vinnie warns his son that she’s already spoken for but that does nothing to deter lustful Callum. He is convinced that it will be just a matter of time until he can pry her away from Bradley’s grip. Will Stacey be charmed by new kid on the block, Callum? Or will she stick with Bradley?
EastEnders: Jase is killed in gangland attack