Brian Paddick may stand for Parliament

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Former senior police officer Brian Paddick has said it is possible that he might seek a seat in the House of Commons.

The former Metropolitan police deputy assistant commissioner was Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of London in May’s election. He lost to Tory Boris Johnson.

Mr Paddick, 50, told that since his defeat in May, “I have been busy writing for certain newspapers, commenting on the Today programme and on local TV and enjoying the summer, which was much better in Oslo than it was in London.”

Yesterday he announced in an article for the Mail On Sunday that he and his Norwegian boyfriend Petter Belsvik intend to get married early next year.

When asked about his future role in the Lib Dems, Mr Paddick, who has been participating in debates at this week’s party conference, said:

“I have had meetings with Nick Clegg, obviously I want to be able to help the party if an opportunity arises and we will see to what extent I become involved in a party political way.”

He said that a run for Parliament is “possible.”

In an interview with in February he had was less keen on life as an MP:

“I am no good at doing what I am told and I certainly don’t relish the idea of being lobby fodder,” he said.

Mr Paddick was enthusiastic about a Norwegian wedding.

A change in the law there means that from January both gay and straight couples can get married. A supporter of civil partnerships, he said he had changed his position on the issue.

“We are hoping to be one of the first same-sex couples to get married.

“I must admit initially my view was ‘why would we want to do things that straight people do, we should have something that is unique’ but it runs against a complete equality of opportunity.

“If we want to be treated like everybody else, then we should be treated like everybody else when it comes to our relationships.

“There is something symbolic about being married and having a legal partnership which is the same as if we were straight.

“One of the themes of the conference is there is nothing wrong with changing your mind if the facts change.

“I thought I would never get married again, having been married to a woman before, and to be able to get married again but this time to my wonderful man, is a great thing to do.”

Mr Paddick said of his bid for City Hall earlier this year:

“I put up a reasonable fight and I secured an enormous number of votes and for a first attempt I think it was a creditable performance.”