Coronation Street: Rosie’s disappearance shocks Sally and Kevin

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The street is left reeling this week when it comes to light that Rosie has gone missing. The teenager failed to come home after a night out with local businessman Tony Gordon, who is seen looking very sheepish the next morning. However, it soon becomes clear that not everyone in Weatherfield is that worried about the missing teenager. Her father Kevin tells his wife Sally that Rosie is just trying to wind her up. Unfortunately, Sally remains unconvinced by this line of reasoning and becomes increasingly anxious. What could have happened to Rosie?

Tony tells Carla that Rosie tried to seduce him the night before but when Carla discovers the young girl has gone missing she starts to have serious doubts about Tony’s alibi. To make matters worse, when Kevin discovers that Tony was the last person to see his daughter he hits the roof and even tries to swing for the businessman in the street.
Luckily Sally is there to stop him before things get too heated. Could Tony have played more of a part in Rosie’s disappearance than he is letting on?

Inevitably the police are called and Kevin makes sure to tell them about Tony being the last person to see his daughter. However, when the police question Tony he is a cool customer and tells Carla that he has nothing to hide. But once he is alone we see him Bluetooth the video of Carla and Liam from Rosie’s phone to his own phone before throwing her mobile into the canal! Why has Tony got Rosie’s phone? What secret is he hiding from the police and Carla?

Meanwhile, there is more trouble brewing for Liam and Carla after Tony witnesses what he thinks is Liam kissing his wife. In fact it was only Liam leaning in for a kiss which Carla expertly rebuffed. However, Tony is now convinced that their affair is ongoing and resolves to do something about it. What plot will Tony cook up to catch out his cheating wife?

Elsewhere, lovebirds Jason and Becky find a flat but wimpy Jason is worried about telling his mum. Things become even more complicated when Jason learns that Sarah is thinking about coming home and Bill urges him to think twice about setting up home with Becky when it is clear that he still has feelings for Sarah. What will Jason do?

To make matters worse, Becky is completely oblivious to Jason’s doubts and has even gone as far as borrowing a deposit from Roy.

Later in the week, we see Jason having a heart to heart with old flame Sarah. Will Jason come clean about his mixed feelings or will Becky charge ahead with her plans for domestic bliss?

Elsewhere, Leanne and Janice are over the moon when their forged bank card arrives and can’t quite believe that their scam has worked. Janice tells Roger how much money she has “inherited” and the pair splash out on a new flat screen TV. However, when Dan mentions to Leanne that he would like to buy the bookies off his dad a plan starts to form in her mind. Could Dan be in for a nice surprise?
Coronation Street: Rosie’s disappearance shocks Sally and Kevin