EastEnders: Danielle uncovers Stacey’s secret

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Bradley and Stacey have been on and off more times than a light switch since they first got together way back in 2006. However, this week the cracks are really beginning to show in their relationship as it becomes clear that they don’t share the same desire to become parents. Unable to tell Bradley how she really feels about having children, Stacey continues to take her contraceptive pill despite telling Bradley that she wants to try for a baby with him. Sounds like this is going to end in tears!

To make matters worse, Stacey agrees to go away on a romantic break with Bradley, which makes him think she is just as keen to be a parent as he is. Unfortunately, while they are consummating their nuptials, amateur sleuth-in-the-making Danielle finds some of Stacey’s contraceptives in her handbag and realises that Stacey has lied to everyone about trying for a baby with Bradley. Will she keep Stacey’s secret?

Later in the week, Danielle catches up with Stacey and confronts her about the contraceptives. Stacey tells her that she will speak to Bradley but Danielle isn’t convinced. She asks Stacey if her reluctance to become pregnant is anything to do with Callum and Stacey remains silent. So we’ll take that as a yes then! Will Stacey stick to her word and tell Bradley how she really feels about parenthood?

Elsewhere, child molester Tony is still juggling his amorous missus Bianca with his misplaced affections for underage schoolgirl Whitney. What makes it so much worse is that Bianca still thinks the sun shines out of Tony and appears to be completely oblivious to his lecherous and perverted tendencies towards her stepdaughter Whitney. However, Tony has groomed Whitney for years, so she mistakes his advances for love as he makes her feel ‘special’, not realising that he is abusing her. Will Bianca realise what is going on before it is too late? Or will Whitney suffer more abuse from Tony?

Over at Max and Suzy’s place, Suzy is horrified to discover a gun under the kitchen sink that Max has stashed there. She later confronts him about it and he admits that he was going to use it to kill Jack. She tells him that she has thrown it in the river and warns him that his life is going off the rails. However, she believes that she has the ideal solution to help her brother. She needs to find him a woman. A psychiatrist would be more fitting!

Despite Max’s initial protestations, Suzy goes ahead with her matchmaking plans by trying to fix him up with recent widower, Denise. Unfortunately, this union was doomed before it began as neither party is particular interested in the other. Despite this major flaw, Suzy manages to get Denise to come over to their flat and then when Max turns up she slips out leaving them to face an awkward evening together. Needless to say it all goes horribly wrong and Denise leaves. No surprises there really.

Over at the Minute Mart, Patrick makes a major boo-boo by accidentally defrosting the chiller. To make matters worse he sells the contents to customers at discount prices. When Yolande finds out what he’s done she goes spare and tells him that it is illegal to sell that food. Unfortunately, their worst nightmare comes true when Dot suffers from a serious bout of food poisoning after eating a sandwich Patrick sold her. Will the authorities be forced to close the Minute Mart down? Or will Yolande manage to buy Dot’s silence?
EastEnders: Danielle uncovers Stacey’s secret