Hollyoaks: Tina tells Russ he’s a daddy

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Newt’s having a weird week in Chester. He doesn’t know how to cope with all of the attention he gets when Frankie and Darren hear about his success in the writing competition. But that’s nothing compared to how he feels when he thinks he spots Jack alive. Darren is horrified when he finds out – probably a little panic stricken too.

It’s the start of term for Tina. She’s happy to be heading back to college. Dom’s not too impressed when he finds himself left holding the baby.

Tina’s sister Jacqui’s not having a good week. She’s annoyed by John Paul’s sudden disappearance and the fact that she’s having a few teething problems getting her business up and running. She desperately wants to prove to her other half Tony that she’s up for this challenge and that she can make a success of the tanning salon. When the day finally comes for the grand opening of the salon, things don’t exactly run smoothly.

Dom and Tina exchange verbal blows at the new salon. Despite his best efforts to make everything alright, Dom still finds that Tina is being a right pain. Exasperated with all the bickering he heads over to the Loft to find solace in the bottom of a pint glass. Once there, he gets chatting to Gemma, an attractive girl on the rebound. Oh dear, you know where this is going, don’t you?

Tina is not too impressed when Dom returns home the next morning. Could this be the end for Tina and Dom?

Caroline’s decided she’s had enough of Hollyoaks and buys two tickets for her and Russ to leave and go travelling. Russ may not be leaving on a jet plane just yet though. Tina turns up on his doorstep and breaks some news that might just keep him in Chester. She tells him that baby Max is his son. What will Russ make of this bombshell?

Amy’s not having a good week. She’s angry at Ste who insists he’s going to be a part of their baby’s life. The reality of having him in her life forever starts to dawn on Amy and she confides in Michaela that the only way to rid herself of Ste would be to have an abortion. But will she go through with it?

Meanwhile, Michaela’s has worries of her own when she wakes up one morning next to Zak. Neither is impressed as the reality of what they did the night before sinks in.
Over on the college campus an accident prone Leila gets herself into trouble after a collision with Justin. The lad ends up in hospital where Leila visits him and can’t bring herself to tell him the truth.

Poor Justin’s seemingly concussed and bangs on about how great it is to have a girlfriend like Leila. Leila’s feeling pretty guilty but can’t bring herself to tell him she’s not his girlfriend.

Once released from hospital, Justin makes the most of his ‘relationship’ by taking his washing straight around to Leila’s for her to do and he wastes no time in telling her exactly how he wants it done. Leila is soon regretting keeping up this pretence!
Hollyoaks: Tina tells Russ he’s a daddy