Hollyoaks: Niall kidnaps the McQueen family

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Jacqui kicks off the week disappointed to receive text messages from all of her sisters saying that they won’t be able to come to her party.

Niall starts to put his evil plans to abduct the McQueen children into place, but they’re temporarily thwarted when his former foster carer Mrs Snow pays him a visit.

Myra worries that something serious has happened to her children when it starts to become obvious that they’ve all disappeared.

Elsewhere in Chester, the Osbornes prepare to jet off to their new life in Spain. Jack and Darren say an emotional goodbye to each other. Newt sneaks off to visit Lauren to say farewell. The poor girl’s rather upset at his departure and tries to persuade him to stay. Newt tells her he can’t, but he can’t fully explain why. Then he spots something quite unusual – Niall forcing Jacqui into the back of a van.

Myra’s concerns for her kids are growing. Things get even worse when she finds baby Max on her doorstep with a note from Tina saying that she just can’t cope anymore. Myra knows things are not all as they seem.

Myra heads off to see Jacqui, but when she finds out that she’s missing too, she tells Tony of her fears. Myra thinks that she’s being punished for what she did all of those years ago.
Niall has also just discovered another bombshell. He finds out that Jack is still alive. It seems that Jack was responsible for putting his dad in prison and abandoning the lad. Niall decides to get his revenge on Jack too, and promptly knocks him unconscious.
Myra later arrives at church, only to find Niall waiting for her. He wastes no time in telling her that he’s her son. She demands to know where her children are and things start to get nasty.

Over at the Dog, Darren is starting to enjoy having the pub all to himself. But then he hears a strange noise from the flat and is horrified to find his dad badly beaten. Jack tells him all about mad Niall and how the McQueens are in grave danger.

Tony calls Myra and his worst fears are confirmed when he hears the girls screaming in the background and then suddenly the line is cut dead. Tony and Dom are frantic. Will they be able to get to the girls to safety before evil Niall does any real harm?
Hollyoaks: Niall kidnaps the McQueen family