Post debate bump puts Obama 11% ahead

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The latest Gallup poll of the support for the candidates for President of the United States indicates that Barack Obama has widened his lead over John McCain.

Senator Obama, the Democratic party nominee, performed well in the second of three live TV debates held earlier this week.

His Republican rival, veteran US Senator John McCain, had to score a decisive win over his opponent and pointedly failed to do so.

A poll conducted from October 5th to 7th by Gallup put Obama on 52% and McCain on 41%.

A range of polling data has placed the Democrat at or above 50% of likely voters.

Zogby polls indicate that Senator Obama leads McCain 48% to 39% among independent voters, while both candidates are polling around 85% support from their respective registered party supporters.

Zogby estimates independent voters comprise 26% of the electorate this year.

Obama also leads among a key age demographic group – those aged 35 to 54 – where he holds a six-point edge.

A phone poll for Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby Poll shows Obama 48% and McCain 43%.

The rolling telephone tracking poll, including a sample of 1,203 likely voters collected over the previous three 24-hour periods spanning four calendar days, approximately 400 per 24 hour period from October 6th to 9th, shows that Obama enjoys a growing lead, now at 4.2 percentage points, up from 3.6 percentage points yesterday.

Americans will elected the 44th President of the United States on November 4th. He will take office on January 20th 2009.