EastEnders Spoilers: Max discovers Tanya and Jack’s secret

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When will the inhabitants of Albert Square learn that honesty is always the best policy? This week sees Tanya and Jack trying to keep their move to France a secret from Tanya’s possessive ex-hubby Max. However, seeing as Abi and Lauren have probably told half their friends at school and Jack has already told ex-girlfriend Ronnie, we don’t fancy their chances of keeping that secret under their hats for long. What will Max say when he discovers the truth?

Tanya is feeling uncomfortable about the ‘sold’ sign outside their house as she is convinced Max will sniff a rat. However, Jack’s way round this little problem is to tell people, including Max, that they are staying local. Tanya is not convinced this will work and so Jack tells her to just give Max the truth. But will Tanya have the bottle?

Not surprisingly, it doesn’t take long before Jack caves in and tells Ronnie about his big plans to move to France. They are both surprised at how much the news affects them. Is their a hint of a flame still flickering under the surface? We think there could be! Ooh-er.

Elsewhere, the path to true love is not running smoothly for Garry. Callum has moved in and has started sniffing round Dawn, much to Garry’s annoyance. As a result, it is not long before Garry is trying to convince Walford’s answer to Casanova to move out. Is Callum really interested in Dawn? Or is he more interested in getting a reaction out of insecure Garry?

Meanwhile, troubled youngster Jay is still struggling to come to terms with his father’s brutal murder. Unfortunately, Billy is not quite succeeding in his attempt to father the young boy. Couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that he made no attempt to save Jay’s dad and hid in the bathroom while he was murdered, could it?

As you might expect it is not too long before the young rapscallion goes off the rails and heads to the Arches where he proceeds to trash the place before taking some petrol. He soaks some rags in the fuel and goes to Minty and Garry’s house where he starts shoving the rags through the letterbox and prepares to light them. Luckily he is caught in the nick of time by Billy who asks him how he could think of endangering Dawn’s baby, Summer. Will social services intervene and take Jay from the square?

Back at the Vic there are crossed wires between Phil and his gold-digging girlfriend Suzy when he tells her that it’s time he and Ben moved out of the Vic into their own home. Suzy mistakenly thinks Phil’s including her in his plans. She’s suitably embarrassed when Phil announces to a packed Vic that he and Ben are moving out by themselves. Who will Suzy get her claws into now?

EastEnders Spoilers: Max discovers Tanya and Jack’s secret