EastEnders fans are in a frenzy after Phil Mitchell punched a homophobe for calling gay character a ‘f****t’

A punch up in the Queen Vic is standard fare for BBC’s EastEnders, especially when Phil Mitchell’s involved – but October 1’s episode was especially satisfying for viewers.

After a long struggle to accept his son’s sexuality, fans were thrilled to see Phil Mitchell finally stick up for Ben when Callum’s dad, Jonno, launched a torrent of homophobic abuse against him.

The dramatic scene unfolded when Jonno demanded to know why Callum’s marriage to Witney didn’t go ahead.

Callum bravely came out as gay to his father, sealing the deal by planting a kiss on Ben. Seeing this, Jonno immediately lashed out at Ben, shouting: “It’s him that’s turned you into one of them! A disgusting muck-loving f****t.”

He got no further before Phil cut his rant short with a famous Mitchell right hook to the face.

It was a refreshing change for the burly EastEnder as he had previously refused to support Ben’s sexuality, even adopting Jay as a surrogate son in his place.

But it seems he’s finally turned a corner as he wasn’t prepared to let Jonno’s homophobic insults stand – and EastEnders fans took to Twitter share their delight.

By the end of the night #PhilMitchell was trending on Twitter. Happy endings are notoriously rare on the BBC soap, but we’re hoping we’ll see more like this one in future!