Widdecombe defends constituency against homophobia charge

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Comedian Alan Carr has caused local upset in Kent after he claimed the town of Maidstone is both racist and homophobic.

Mr Carr, who is gay, said his stand-up routines were poorly received when he performed there and claimed he would be happy to promote his new book in the town as many of the residents are illiterate.

“They hated me,” he told The Sun.

“I never lasted more than seven minutes. It was full of homophobic narrow-minded morons.

“And it wasn’t just me. If you were black or Asian, you got racist abuse. If you were a woman you got, “show us your tits.'”

Last year he attacked the town in an interview with Metro.

“I’ve never had a good show in Maidstone, it’s retarded,” he said.

“The first time I played there I had to get a taxi to my car because the audience wanted to beat me up.”

The presenter of Channel 4’s Celebrity Ding Dong and The Friday Night Project is the son of Graham Carr, a former professional footballer who was manager of Maidstone United for less than a year in 1991.

The MP for Maidstone and the Weald, Ann Widdecombe, hit out at his slurs against her constituency.

“He is talking complete rot,” she said.

“We have very high standards of behaviour and beliefs in Maidstone and it is obvious from his comments that he fails to meet them.”

Ms Widdecombe, 60, is standing down at the next election after 20 years as an MP.