Hollyoaks Spoilers: Cindy tells Mandy she knows about her affair

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There’s a glamorous start to the week in Hollyoaks as Hannah finds herself on the red carpet of the MTV awards. Rhys and Gilly are not quite so lucky. They’re out back busy trying to convince a security guard to let them in. Oh dear!

That’s not all the excitement for Hannah. Later in the week, she’s whisked off to Paris with a music producer called Matt. Elliot is very unhappy to hear this news.

Elsewhere this week, Cindy manages to hide herself in a wardrobe to spy on Warren.
When she later gets into a huge fight with Louise, Cindy can’t keep her mouth shut.

Louise ends up finding out more about Warren’s affair. What will she do with the news?
Cindy heads to see Mandy at her surprise birthday party – it’s no surprise that Warren’s there. She tells the two of them that she knows about their affair. How will they react?

Things are about to get a whole lot more complicated for Mandy though when she spends the night with Tony! She later regrets what she’s done.

Cindy assumes that Mandy’s spent the night with Warren, but he tells her that’s just not true. This immediately raises suspicions for Warren. He hastily arranges a secret meeting with Mandy to find out what’s going on. Will she tell him the truth?

Dominic’s feeling generous this week and tells Mercedes that she can move into Tony’s flat. She does, but she later hears Dom and Tony having a row about her arrival. Her sister, Jacqui’s not best please to find her there either.

Meanwhile, Malachy has plans to win back Mercedes. But his scheming may be a little extreme!

Neville tells Ste and Justin that he has a new tenant for the flat and orders them to pack up and move out the following day. This seems a little harsh. When they find out the new tenant is Dom, they do their best to convince him that they could all live happily together. But will Dom agree?
Hollyoaks Spoilers: Cindy tells Mandy she knows about her affair