Emmerdale Spoilers: Can Donna decide between Marlon and Ross?

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Katie warns Andy to straighten out or risk losing everything and tries to persuade Jo to let him see Sarah. Daz also helps out and arranges to bring Jo and Sarah to the Woolpack where he has arranged a special nativity performance. Things go so well for Andy he gets carried away and kisses Katie – much to her horror. He calls her a tease which angers her enough to terminate his employment. Also, Daz has see what went on so tells Jo who sees it as a sign of Katie’s revenge. However, they make up over a heart to heart – when Jo confesses she can’t leave the village because of Sarah. Will Katie be able to persuade her otherwise?

Meanwhile, Lily is cagey around her friends when a letter arrives from the hospital. She’s still preoccupied when Edna informs her that they have the money to pay back Lily’s debt, unaware that it’s her sister’s life savings. Lily begins to mend the wounds of betrayal by paying her friends back, but goes too far in Edna’s eyes by paying for drinks on her credit card as well. Can Rodney talk Lily around before it’s too late?

Brenda receives a shock when she spots a shadowy figure sleeping on the sofa at Connelton. It turns out to be Jamie who claims to have returned from Australia because he couldn’t get on with the snakes and spiders. But it turns out later that he disgraced himself with a celebrity kangaroo!

Pollard and David are gleeful when it appears the choir are about to quit, following a newspaper article championing another choir. However, Nicola has decided to put her heart and soul into championing the choir and goes in search of a soloist – which comes in the form of a brilliant but stage-frightened Gennie. Will David guess she has turned against his idea to profit from Ashley and Laurel’s downfall?

Marlon is keen to find new ways to impress Donna – including setting up his own catering business. However she is desperate to find a way to finish things with her husband so she can embark on her relationship with Ross, who is becoming impatient. Can she choose between the two men she loves?

Chas’s estranged son, Aaron, is arrested for possession of drugs and she tries to bond with him after being called to the station. But has she blown her chance to be a mother again?

Elsewhere, Debbie tries to make Jasmine see that Shane is dodgy after he buys her an extravagant suitcase for their holiday. Shane takes Jasmine to a homeless shelter desperate for her to give up her story on the MacFarlane’s. Delighted that he’s thrown her off the scent, Shane’s mood further improves when he sees the cracks appearing in Debbie and Jasmine’s friendship. Smelling a rat, Debbie guesses what is going on and tells Jasmine her suspicions. Jasmine is uneasy to think she might be right. Will she stay with Shane long enough for Debbie’s prophecy to be proven?
Emmerdale Spoilers: Can Donna decide between Marlon and Ross?