EastEnders Spoilers: What’s in store for Whitney’s 16th Birthday?

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The day of Whitney’s 16th birthday finally arrives and she is ready to leave the square with Tony – but he starts to stall and asks her to wait until Christmas or the New Year. She isn’t happy with what he is saying and then Bianca makes her feel hugely guilty by presenting her with a china doll – to replace the one her birth mother had given her, but which got broken in one of the family’s countless moves.

The pressure gets to Whitney and she tells Tony she can longer lie to Bianca and doesn’t want to hurt her. So when Bianca comes to get her from her room, and sees there is something on her mind, she pushes for some answers. Eventually Whitney admits what has been going on with her and Tony – and their plans to leave.

Bianca is horrified and calls the police who arrest Tony but Whitney can’t see what is wrong – she still things they are in love and are going to leave. But when Tony is released on bail and comes back to the house to try and persuade Bianca that she has been lying, the reality of his abuse sinks in and Whitney slowly realises that she must talk to the police.

Lucas gets a barrage of abuse for allowing Tony to work in the community centre despite his history of violence towards children. Max, Phil and Ian are particularly angry so are the first to get the blame for beating up Lucas – until it is revealed that he gave as good as he got, and his attackers ended up in hospital. Lucas threatens to close the centre – but Denise has something to say about that, and gives him an ultimatum.

Jack is still keen for Roxy to get the DNA test but she has other things on her mind as Amy is to come off her ventilator. She gets to hold her for the first time and Sean hugs them both. The results come through the post and Roxy finally knows for sure the identity of Amy’s father. What will be the outcome for Sean and Jack?

Bradley hands over a suitcase full of cash to Dot to look after. He says he doesn’t want it because Max gave it to him. He put it all on a horse he thought would lose – but it won and know the money is making him ill. Dot agrees to look after it for the time being.

Meanwhile Max is trying to pull his family back together and asks Lauren to move home. At first she claims to be happy at the Beales but when she realises she could have been Tony’s next victim she opens up to Jane and starts to recognise the importance of her dad’s support.
EastEnders Spoilers: What’s in store for Whitney’s 16th Birthday?