EastEnders Spoilers: Whitney searches for her real mum

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Whitney hears Bianca talking to Ricky about her and Tony and runs off before deciding she wants to search for her real mum’s address – a discovery which knocks Bianca for six. The Jacksons are still reeling from the fallout of Tony’s actions and wondering how it will end for them all.

Roxy enlists Christian’s help to track down the missing paternity test, as she is worried it could get in to the wrong hands. She also becomes worried when Sean goes missing on Amy’s first day out of hospital.
Suzy’s past it beginning to catch up with her and she is thrown by an unwelcome visitor. She is in trouble and needs help fast but will she ask Phil to bail her out, or will she still try and sort it out her own way. She shows a lot of interest on the cash in the Queen Vic safe – but will she get her hands on it? Archie asks for her help but does he have an ulterior motive?

Meanwhile, Dot receives some good news about Jim from Dr Legg who also has a surprise in store. Dot’s good deeds haven’t gone unnoticed by Heather who asks Peggy how the residents of the square could reward her. Peggy suggests contacting the Walford Gazette – but will that get her what she wants?

Ricky and Pat receive shocking news about a family member – it seems that Janine is getting married. Billy tells Ricky he should go to the wedding even if he doesn’t want to as he says that if he doesn’t, he may regret his decision.

EastEnders Spoilers: Whitney searches for her real mum