EastEnders Spoilers: Tanya prepares for her trial

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The truth is finally out about Lauren but Tanya is determined to go through with her guilty plea – telling Max she doesn’t want her daughter’s life ruined. Max is mortified by what he has done to the family as the consequences of Lauren’s hate for him hit home. Things get worse when she hands herself in to the police and he tries to convince them she is confessing to protect her mother. But even with the new evidence, Tanya still faces charges of perverting the course of justice – and the fact that Lauren is destined to be taken into foster care. When will her life get easier?

Whitney finally traces her biological mother, Debra, to a café but she isn’t that welcoming and assumes she is just after money. When Whitney tries to explain what has been happening at home with Bianca and Tony, her mother tells her she doesn’t want to be part of her life. She goes back home and tells Bianca she is her mum, not the woman she has been to see.

Janine is causing problems everywhere she goes and lies that Pat has thrown her out of her house. She cons Billy into moving in with her – and bringing Jay along as well. She provides champagne and a take-away as a house-warming, plus a new TV and games console, but they don’t know she has paid for it on a credit card belonging to Peggy. When Peggy finds out Janine frames Jay – making it clear to the boy she doesn’t want him around. He feels obliged to move on but as he packs his things he accidentally finds something that could land Janine in a lot of bother. Will it be enough to keep him under the same roof?

Dot has a tea party and invites everyone round to see how Nick has changed. He tells everyone that he knows he has treated his mum badly in the past but not anymore. But once they have gone he turns back to his old self – demanding a share of the money he knows she has. When she resists he uses Dotty as emotional blackmail.

Stacey is worried about her mum, Jean, now Sean has gone and she isn’t happy with Callum and Danielle either. They try to apologise for not being supportive but Stacey isn’t won over that easily. When Danielle offers to look after Jean and instead escapes to work at the club – just as a duvet nearly sets the house alight – it is enough reason to for Stacey to throw her out.

Libby starts up a book club in the wake of her successful entry to Oxford and it starts to catch the interest of most of the women – even Shirley who decides to join after spotting Denise with wine she is taking to the event.

Ronnie reluctantly agrees to interview Danielle for the job of barmaid, but is determined to make it hard for her. When Ronnie tells her to go back to her roots, Danielle tells her to stuff her job. But is it just a bad day or does she have something else to worry about now?