Three black gay men gunned down in New Orleans

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New Orleans police are searching for the killers of three black gay men after they were found dead at their home on December 18th.

Felix Pearson, 19, Kenneth Monroe, 27, and Darriel Wilson, 20, lived together in New Orleans, all from Mississippi.

They were found by the building manager who saw one of the victim’s bodies through the window and alerted the authorities.

At least two of the men are known to have been gay and one was possibly transgender, as one of the victims was found by police “wearing women’s clothes.”

Police say that they believe the three men knew their killers; there had been no sign of breaking and entering, and officers believe that “the victims and their killer or killers were associates and may have entered the home together.”

As of yet, the incident has not been classified as a hate crime.

Members of the black gay community has come together online to remember the deceased.

Darriel Wilson’s friends have created a Facebook group page in honour of him, where members have posted messages, poems and commemorative images.

There are currently 233 members of the group.

The page description reads:

“This is a group paying tribute to the loss of a fallen commrad [sic].

“To many of us Darriel was the laughter behind all of our pain.

“We can all come together here and bring his memories to life.

“This is a troubling time.

“RIP Darriel…. YOU will be Missed!!”