EastEnders introduces soap’s first Muslim lesbian

Longstanding British soap, EastEnders, is set to see its first Muslim lesbian this month as show bosses hint Iqra Ahmed will start secretly text messaging other girls.

According to the Sun, Iqra — played by actress Priya Davdra — will come out as gay this summer as it emerges she has been sending flirtatious messages to girls.

A source reportedly told the paper: “Iqra has been fighting to keep her sexuality quiet, but eventually the truth will emerge.”

This isn’t the first time the show has featured a gay Muslim storyline, however Iqra will be the first lesbian Muslim to come out on the show.

In November 2018, EastEnders surprised fans when it aired a lesbian kiss between characters Tiffany Butcher and Bernie Taylor.
Fans were ecstatic after Tuesday night’s EastEnders episode featured a surprise lesbian kiss between Bernadette “Bernie” Taylor and Tiffany “Tiff” Butcher.

The two EastEnders characters locked lips after EastEnders’ Tiffany Butcher (Maisie Smith) admitted she had been delivering drugs in a heated conversation between the pair.

Tiff claimed she was not a dealer and only dropped off the drugs as a favour for friends.

Tiffany and Bernie lesbian kiss from BBC's EastEnders

EastEnders‘ Tiff talked her friend out of telling on her. (BBC)

EastEnders’ Tiff and Bernie share a lesbian kiss

Bernie (Clair Norris) then threatened to tell on her best friend, but Tiff said she would have to go back to Milton Keynes if that happened.

Bernie told Tiff she “wouldn’t let go” until Tiff stopped delivering drugs.

Suddenly, the two characters shared a passionate lesbian kiss.

EastEnders fans on Twitter were shocked by the kiss.


And one person exclaimed: “Where did that kiss come from?!? did not see that coming! # EastEnders.”

Fans accuse EastEnders‘ Tiff of manipulating Bernie

However, many social media fans said that Tiff was using Bernie.

“Poor Bernie being totally used by Tiffany #EastEnders,” one wrote.

Another said: “Tiff only did that because she knows Bernie likes her and knew it would get her what she wanted. #EastEnders.”

One person wrote: “Hate that Tiff is just using Bernie, she is too nice to be hurt like that! #EastEnders.”

And a fourth user posted: “Master manipulator, Tiff. She’s used Bernie’s crush to her advantage there. Savage! #EastEnders.”

It’s not the first time Bernie and Tiff have had a lesbian kiss.

After an episode in May, EastEnders fans suspected that Bernie was struggling with her sexuality and feelings for her best friend.

In the show, Bernie, her brother Keegan Baker, Tiff and a few others broke into E20 out of business hours to have a few drinks and honour their late friend Shakil Kazemi, who was killed in a knife attack on Albert Square.

During their get-together, Tiff ended up smooching Bernie when she was dared to by her mates during a game of Spin the Bottle, despite being reluctant, calling them “little pervs” and saying she wasn’t going to do it just “to give [her friends] a cheap thrill.”