Family appeals to gay community to find missing son

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The father of a 16-year-old boy who went missing two years ago has appealed to the gay community to help find him.

Andrew Gosden has not been seen since September 14th, 2007 when aged 14 he boarded a train from Doncaster to London on a one-way ticket.

Despite widespread publicity about the case, his family have had no confirmation he is alive and well.

Although they have no idea why he ran away, his family have considered the possibility that he was struggling with his sexual orientation. Children who are gay or lesbian are much more likely to run away than those who are heterosexual.

Andrew’s father Kevin Gosden said: “We are a pretty open family so have wondered if he was gay or struggling with his sexual identity and found it too awkward to raise.

“We have continued to search for him constantly as we miss him terribly and would love to know that he is okay.

“If he is gay, we do not have any issue with it, he is loved unconditionally by both my wife and I and his sister and the only thing that would await him if he returned or made contact would be a lot of missed hugs.”

The last sighting of Andrew was when he was caught on CCTV leaving his train at Kings Cross Station on the day he disappeared. He is thought to have withdrawn £200 from a cashpoint.

Anyone with information about Andrew or any other missing person can contact Missing People’s 24-hour, confidential Freephone service on 0500 700700.

To see computer-generated images of how Andrew might look now, scroll down.

Family appeals to gay community to find missing son