Ann Coulter tells gay Republicans ‘marriage isn’t a civil right’

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US columnist, Ann Coulter has told an audience of gay Republicans, meeting at the home of PayPal founder Peter Thiel, that gay marriage isn’t a civil right.

According to US blog Politico, Ms Coulter told 150 attendees of the Homocon event that “marriage is not a civil right – you’re not black!”

She is reported to have gone on to tell the audience, which included the gay porn baron Michael Lucas that gays are among the wealthiest demographic groups in the United States.

“Blacks must be looking at the gays saying, ‘Why can’t we be oppressed like that?'”

Taking Points Memo, reports that Ms Coulter also argued that conservative politicans who have benefited from easy divercoes were hypocritical not to support gay marriage. She suggested that those in favour of straight only marriage should begin an effort to repeal divorce laws across the country.

Last month, when she announced she would be speaking to the Homocon event, Ms Coulter said: “giving a speech is not an endorsement of every position held by the people I’m speaking to.”