Thousands join Argentina’s gay Pride march

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Thousands of people joined Argentina’s annual gay Pride march on Saturday in Buenos Aires.

Marchers celebrated new laws which made the country the first in Latin America to recognise same-sex marriage.

More than 500 couples have wed since the law came into power on July 21st, gay campaigners said.

The colourful march’s focus was to demand new rights for transgender people, in particular, the right of individuals to change their gender on identity cards and birth certificates.

Pablo De Luca, founder of the Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce in Buenos Aires, said that the new legislation had increased gay tourism.

Estimating that 100,000 more gay travellers have visited the country, he said: “It’s the same kind of increase that happened in South Africa, Canada, and Madrid after they legalised gay marriage. We want to travel to a country where we don’t feel like we have to hide our sexuality.”