Former Tory candidate to sue party after being sacked for views on homosexuality

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A teacher is to sue the Conservative Party after he was sacked as a general election candidate.

Philip Lardner, who was selected to fight the North Ayrshire and Arran seat, was suspended from his job and dumped by the party after revealed he said that homosexuality is wrong and children should not be taught about it in schools.

Last April, Mr Lardner, 43, wrote on his website that “most” people agree that homosexuality is wrong, that it is not normal and that children should not be “encouraged” to “indulge” in it.

He also gave his support to Section 28, the repealed law which banned promotion of homosexuality in schools.

After the Tories dumped him, Mr Lardner unsuccessfully contested the seat as an independent candidate.

He now intends to sue the party for defamation.

According to the Sun, he told a magazine: “David Cameron’s people looked at the Labour majority and thought, ‘He’s got no chance. Let’s ditch this guy; it will help us get the pink vote’.

“I’m hoping to sue the Conservative Party for defamation and breach of contract.”

Mr Lardner was also suspended from his job at Rashielea Primary School in Renfrewshire for the remarks but a disciplinary hearing in August decided that he should keep his job after receiving a written warning.