Corrie stars ‘honoured’ to play lesbian couple

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Coronation Street actresses Sacha Parkinson and Brooke Vincent say they are honoured to play the soap’s first lesbian couple.

Parkinson, who plays Sian Powers, told G3 magazine: “When they first told us we were just excited and nervous to be honest.

“It was just an honour that they trusted us with it, and that it was going to be such a huge thing.”

Vincent added: “We were very aware that there were a lot of people involved in the storyline.

“So many people – all working hard, all giving 110 per cent – who would really be relying on us to do it well.”
The stars, both 18, said that their characters’ relationship was not just a fling or a phase.

Parkinson said: “Everybody expected it not to last, and now that it has lasted this long, they’ve been pleasantly shocked.

“It’s not going to be a straightforward relationship – no relationship ever is – and they have their ups and downs.

“It’s a love story and that’s what we’ve tried for from the start, rather than just making it a phase.”

The pair, who have joined efforts to stamp out anti-gay bullying, also dismissed complaints from parents about the storyline.

Parkinson said: “It’s ridiculous. Even if children were watching, they need to know about this stuff.”