A quarter of New York’s new marriages are gay

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A surge in wedding licenses following the Marriage Equality Act means a quarter of new marriages in the state of New York are between same-sex couples.

According to figures released by the New York Post, the number of of applications for licenses rose by a third on the same period last year.

Of the 5,587 applications filed in early August, the city of New York estimates 1,400 were gay couples.

The number has been estimated as applications in the state no longer require genders to be specified.

Instead, the figures for this summer were compared with the same period over the last three years, where the number of applications was around 4,200.

The City Clerk, Michael McSweeney, told the Post: “Last week, we averaged 335 license applications a day, busier than ever.

“We’ve had to work extra hard to handle the increase, but even as same-sex marriage starts to feel routine here, everyone seems profoundly happy to be here.”