Connecticut: Priest reprimanded for participating in his cousin’s same-sex wedding

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The Archbishop of Hartford, Connecticut, has rebuked a priest for participating in his cousin’s same-sex wedding in New York City, despite him only doing a reading and that he didn’t wear his vestments.

Rev Michael DeVito, of Sacred Heart Church in Suffield was reprimanded by Hartford Archbishop Henry Mansell, for making a reading at his cousin’s wedding in New York, as it may have given the impression that he, or the Catholic church may approve of same-sex weddings.

A wedding announcement alerted the Archbishop to Reverend DeVito’s participation in the ceremony, reported NBC News.

The archdiocese made a statement on the matter:

“Archbishop Henry J. Mansell has met with Father Michael DeVito regarding the priest’s participation in a same-sex marriage ceremony involving a cousin in New York City on August 19th.

“According to Father DeVito, his participation in the ceremony was limited to doing a reading. He wore no vestments, but had worn his Roman collar. Archbishop Mansell informed Father DeVito that his participation in this ceremony was understandably perceived by many Catholics as an implicit endorsement of same-sex marriage, which is contrary to Church teaching.

“As a consequence, and in accordance with canon law, the Archbishop formally rebuked Father DeVito and informed him that the rebuke would be a permanent part of his record. Fr. DeVito said that he would not participate in any way in same-sex marriages in the future.”

Rev DeVito has not made a comment about the meeting about the wedding, which, according to the wedding announcement, took place on 17 August.