Lesbian daughter of Hong Kong billionaire still ‘close’ with father

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Gigi Chao, the lesbian daughter of a Hong Kong billionaire who’s been on the receiving end of global media attention, has given an interview to the BBC.

Yesterday, PinkNews.co.uk reported that 76-year-old Cecil Chao had offered a $65m (£40.2m) dowry to any man who could win the heart of his lesbian daughter.

He announced the financial reward after his daughter, Gigi, had a church blessing ceremony with her female partner Sean Eav in France earlier this year.

Comments posted on a Chinese newspaper website were widely hostile to Mr Chao’s “marriage bounty”.

“I don’t mind whether he is rich or poor. The important thing is that he is generous and kind hearted,” 76-year-old Mr Chao was quoted as saying.

Ms Chao told the BBC how at first she thought her father was joking, and that she has had some 1,500 marriage offers from Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

When asked if she found it “hurtful” that her father had refused to recognise her relationship, Ms Chao replied:

“I don’t think it’s hurtful as much [for me] although it is certainly quite hurtful for Sean, but in reality my father and I enjoy a very close relationship, I talk to him on a daily basis and in reality he knows me and he knows that I am in a relationship with Sean”.

Ms Chao went on to remark that the nature of Chinese society meant that her relationship was something that her father had found difficult to accept.

When asked if men should stop applying to marry her, Ms Chao replied: “I don’t think it’s a waste of time, my father certainly thinks that it’s worth the money”.