Sacha Baron Cohen signs up to make new film, The Lesbian, based on a true story

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Sacha Baron Cohen’s next comic character is to be based on the true story of a Chinese man who recently offered a $65million dowry to any man who could woo his lesbian daughter.

Paramount Pictures, along with Baron Cohen and his Four by Two Films will develop the comedy, which has been given the working title, The Lesbian, and which will be loosely based on Cecil Chao, the Chinese billionaire.

Last week, 76-year-old Cecil Chao had offered a $65m (£40.2m) dowry to any man who could win the heart of his lesbian daughter.

He announced the financial reward after his daughter, Gigi, had a church blessing ceremony with her female partner Sean Eav in France earlier this year.

Comments posted on a Chinese newspaper website were widely hostile to Mr Chao’s “marriage bounty”.

“I don’t mind whether he is rich or poor. The important thing is that he is generous and kind hearted,” 76-year-old Mr Chao was quoted as saying. broke the news of the deal, signed by Baron Cohen, which does not guarantee that he will star in the film, although he is expected to play the role of Mr Chao.

The main character of Sacha Baron Cohen’s film Bruno was gay, although the film was met with complaints from gay rights groups, some of which found the film offensive.