Anne Hathaway to donate wedding picture profits to equal marriage charities

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Anne Hathaway has pledged a portion of the money made from the sale of her wedding pictures towards supporting equal marriage.

The Dark Knight Rises, star, who has been a long time advocate of gay rights, said she would donate some of the money she made from selling her wedding pictures

She married on 29 September in California to fellow actor, Adam Schulman, and sold the pictures to several large media outlets.

The actress of Devil Wears Prada fame, will split the money between several equal marriage charities, including FreedomToMarry.

Some of the money will also go to American Cancer Society, St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and The Girl Effect, reports have said.

Ms Hathaway and her new husband had also worked with FreedomToMarry, helping to raise over $500,000 which will be strategically channeled towards the campaigns to legalise equal marriage in Washington, Maine, Minnesota and Maryland in November.

In an interview with GQ in 2010, Ms Hathaway said her family had rejected their Catholicism after her older brother came out: “The whole family converted to Episcopalianism after my elder brother came out. Why should I support an organisation that has a limited view of my beloved brother?”

Washington, Maine and Maryland will be voting on marriage equality on 6 November. At the same time, Minnesota voters will choose whether to make a constitutional amendment which would define marriage as only between one man and one woman.