Scissor Sisters announce ‘hiatus’ at London gig

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The Scissor Sisters closed their UK tour last night in London and announced an indefinite hiatus at their Camden Roundhouse gig.

The New York band played a second of two nights at the venue, putting on an extended gig to thank their fans, before making the announcement towards the end of the show.

According to Gigwise, frontman Jake Shears told the crowd: “This will be the last time we will play in London for quite some time.”

Ana Matronic thanked the audience, stating that the UK fans were “the ones who got us first – and always get us best”.

Despite the band’s decision to take a break from music, at the official after party, Ana Matronic said: “Don’t you worry – this isn’t the last you’ve heard of us.”

After the performance, the band confirmed that they currently have no plans to return to the studio, with gay guitarist Del Marquis revealing that he is currently working on solo material.