Scissor Sisters’ Ana Matronic becomes trans charity patron

Winchester’s trans community will have been pleased to see Scissor Sisters legend Ana Matronic attending a trans rights conference hosted by trans rights charity Chyrsalis as the group’s new patron.

The US singer and queer icon has joined leading experts in trans health and policy to find out more about supporting the community in her new role at the South of England-based charity.

Attending the event Transition from the inside and out, Ms Matronic attended the event to learn more about “the real challenges faced by trans people in the past and present”.

Chrysalis, which is based in East Hampshire and Dorset, is a service for people who are seeking to establish their gender identity and those who are transitioning from one gender to the other.

“I would like to recognise that this amazing relationship would not have come about had it not been for Caz Cashmore from Southampton Solent University, a former colleague of mine, who is a close friend of Ana’s and ardent supporter of Chrysalis,” said Andi Maratos, CEO of Chrysalis to the Southern Daily Echo.

“Caz spoke to Ana about Chrysalis after she heard about the work the charity does at a transgender awareness training session delivered by our founder.

“When I took over the role of CEO, Caz asked Ana if she would consider being our patron and we are so very proud to announce that earlier this month Ana agreed to support us.”

She added: “Ana will be attending the conference on the 9th to find out more about the work Chrysalis does and we look forward to a long relationship with her.”

Chrysalis has 13 years’ experience working with transgender people and their loved ones.

The Scissor Sisters’ definitive entrance on the queer disco scene has quietened over recent years.

However, Ana still keeps in touch with her musical prowess as the host of BBC Radio 2 show, Disco Devotion.

The star has settled in the UK after living in New York with her husband Seth Kirby.