Alabama attack not due to homophobia says lesbian victim

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A lesbian in Mobile, Alabama, who was severely beaten by her girlfriend’s brother on Thanksgiving Day, says she does not think she was attacked because of her sexual orientation.

Mallory Owens was hospitalised with skull fractures, a broken jaw and severe swelling after Travis Hawkins Jr, 18, allegedly attacked her last week.

The case has drawn national attention in the US media.

Ms Owens has now recovered enough to be released from hospital.

The Human Rights Campaign (an LGBT group) urged the US Justice Department and FBI to look into the case as a gay-bias hate crime.

But the 23-year-old told reporters on Tuesday that, while she wants assault charges upgraded to attempted murder, the beating was not because of her sexuality.

Her girlfriend Ally Hawkins told WKRG that the reasons for the attack will be released when the time is right. She said:

“It’s not a hate crime. We both know the reason why this happened. And it doesn’t make any excuses for him. I’m not defending him at all.”

Travis Hawkins’ attorney said: “people have taken this and overreacted, making it something it’s not.”

Further details on the assault may come out when Hawkins is arraigned on 10 December.