US Radio Host compares homosexuality to Sandy Hook shooting and alcoholism

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The host of a Christian information radio station, and the president of an anti-gay organisation in the US, likened homosexuality to alcoholism before comparing homosexual “behaviour” to that of the shooter in the Sandy Hook shooting.

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality spoke to Vic Eliason of VCY America. They took a call from the mother of a gay man who said she loved him unconditionally, but that she would “not accept the behaviour.”

She continued:” If he comes to my house and brings a partner, there is no way they are staying in my house together.”

Mr LaBarbera starts by comparing homosexuality to alcoholism, and saying it is a “lie from the pit of hell”.

“That’s wonderful. You love your son and that’s not in question. The lie of the other side is to love your son you have to love or embrace his homosexuality, and that’s really a lie from the pit of Hell,” he said.

“We don’t give an alcoholic, we don’t say, ‘I love you so much I’m going to give you a bottle of scotch every month.’ That’s not true love. True love is what you’re talking about, it’s defending godly values and praying for your son to be delivered out of that lifestyle.”

Vic Eliason then compares homosexuality to the Sandy Hook school shooting, and people who accidentally kill people by driving drunk.

He says: “Behaviour is the problem. Let’s just think back a few weeks to a horrendous thing that happened in that little school where twenty-some little children were killed because of the behaviour of an individual who was deranged and in my book, demonic, in what he did. But it was behaviour.

“Let’s talk about a car wreck, when someone is driving drunk and the car goes crashing into someone and kills them, the result is horrendous but it’s because of behaviour. And somehow this idea of behaviour has escaped us, that everything should be status quo and that people are free to go out and imbibe and commit terrible crimes and violate nature because behaviour is ignored.”

Mr LaBarbera agrees with the host, and says that “the homosexual movement specifically is a movement that successfully marketed a sin. That’s what they did, they redefined a sin, marketed it as gay.”

He then goes on to talk about how the life of a reader named Gay, whose life was “made a lot harder” after the “redefinition” of the word gay.

“I had an old-time reader when I first started the Lambda Report, that was my original publication, and her name was Gay Guptill. Boy, was her life made a lot harder when they stole her name. You know the word used to mean merry, it didn’t mean perversion. They redefined that and it only went downhill from there,” he says.

Later in the programme, Mr Eliason said that failing to voice disapproval of someone’s homosexuality was like failing to help “someone who is on a train track who is about to be hit with a speeding train”. Mr LaBarbera goes on to describe homosexuality as “a ticket to Hell.”

The leader of Americans for Truth said that President Obama was “not really a Christian” because he supports marriage equality, but said that he “underestimated” how much of an impact that Obama’s personal approval for equal marriage “would have an impact on the homosexual so-called marriage debate.”