Anti-gay evangelist Scott Lively: ‘Gays will crush religion and persecute Christians’

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An anti-gay preacher from the US has attacked the gay rights movement, accusing it of attempting to “crush” religious liberty, and that it seeks to “persecute” Christians.

Anti-gay evangelist, Scott Lively, has written a column on Defend The Family titled, The Death of Human Rights, claimed that if gay rights were allowed, “human rights will be finished”.

Mr Lively starts by writing that “leftists… have hijacked ‘human rights’ in recent times to serve their own misguided agenda. However, true human rights as they have been understood through the centuries spring from and epitomize the biblical world view.”

He continues that: “This “right to sodomy” actually undermines true human rights”.

Mr Lively writes that the “Magna Charta”, and “religious liberty” stood intact until “the rise of the ‘gay’ movement which has in just the past decade achieved the power to redefine religious liberty as “homophobia” and to crush it under the heels of its pink jackboots.”

He writes that the US Constitution is the only thing currently “standing as a barrier to the homosexual agenda”.

“No country in the world has been as stalwart in defense of religious liberty and freedom of speech as the United States — because of the First Amendment. However, even as we celebrate International Human Rights Day, the First Amendment is under siege by the same forces that brought down the Magna Charta. In recent years it has survived a series of assaults that continue to grow in frequency and severity with no end in sight.”

He concludes: “My friends, understand the gravity of what I am saying. If the First Amendment falls to the “gays” like the Magna Charta did, true human rights will be finished in America (and by extension the rest of the western world). There is no fall-back position. The First Amendment is the last bastion of freedom for Christians. If it fails, serious persecution of all who dare to speak the truth of the Bible will follow close behind. Pray fervently that it will stand!”

Scott Lively failed to turn up to a debate last week at the Oxford Union over gay parenting, as his flight from the US had been booked on the wrong day. 

He is currently being sued by the organization Sexual Minorities Uganda, which alleges that his actions in Uganda over the past ten years led to the persecution, torture, arrest and murder of gay people in the country.

He previously said in an interview that he thought gay rights were bringing the “wrath” of God, which is a sign that the world is nearing the “End Days”, just like before Noah’s flood.