Video: Bryan Fischer attacks Obama and says ‘nobody is created gay’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Bryan Fischer, of the American Family Association has attacked President Obama’s inauguration speech in which he referred to the importance of the gay rights movement, and said that it is “ludicrous” for gay people to expect equal rights, because “nobody is created gay.”

He goes on to call President Obama “ignorant”, says that he doesn’t understand the “genetics and biology” of homosexuality, and compares being gay to incest, bestiality and paedophilia.

Speaking at his inauguration on Monday, President Barack Obama made a speech which said “our journey is not complete” until equal rights for gay people are acheived, and referred to the importance of the Stonewall riots in terms of moves towards equality.

Speaking on his own program, Focal Point, Mr Fischer says: “Homosexuals do not have a constitutional right to engage in sodomy. They do not have a constitutional right to make whatever sexual choices they want to make. Sodomy, the kind of sexual activity that homosexuals engage in, that was a felony offence in America for the first 200 plus years of our existence.

“So it’s absurd in the extreme, its ridiculous, its ludicrous for homosexuals to claim that they have some kind of constitutional right to engage in sexually deviant behaviour. They don’t.”

He goes on to compare homosexuality with paedophilia, bestiality and incest, and says that gay people should not expect protection by the US constitution.

“They have no more right to engage in sodomy than paedophiles have to engage in their sexual practices. That those who would like to engage in incest have a right to engage in their kind of practices. Or people who want to have sex with animals, they don’t have a right to do that under the constitution.

“All men are created equal, but nobody, nobody, nobody is created gay. Nobody is born that way. So men are created equal, but none of these men are created gay. That’s a sexual preference. That has to do with the sexual choices they make.”

The video, posted by Right Wing Watch concludes:” So President Obama is betraying here an appalling level of ignorance about genetics and about biology. We’ve been over this before. I’ve got a column up… talking about Obama being ignorant about homosexuality. He just is, and he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

Earlier in January, Mr Fischer came to the defence of an anti-gay evangelist who was being sued for supporting a Ugandan bill to intensify punishments for homosexuality, and claimed that “the left” is trying to “destroy” him.

Bryan Fischer previously interpreted a genetic study to mean being gay is the “result of a birth defect” and has suggested that parents would be more likely to abort gay babies.

In October, CNN news anchor Carol Costello abruptly ended an interview with the American Family Association spokesman, after he was accused of making “hate speech”.

In 2010, the American Family Association, said the Bible says that a captive killer whale should have been put to death in 1991 after the first time he killed a trainer.