Video: Bryan Fischer says ‘Big Gay bigots’ will force women ‘into combat to die’

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The American Family Association spokesman, Bryan Fischer has blamed a gay “lobby” for “destroying” the US military, and has said that peoples’ daughters will be drafted into the army “to die” because of gay people.

Speaking on his own program, Focal Point, a video of which was posted by Right Wing Watch, Mr Fischer refers to gay people as a “homosexual lobby”, “bullies”, and “bigots”.

He says: “The homosexual lobby, I just call them ‘Big Gay’. The left always use this term to refer to these entities that are bullies.

“I wanna tell you, Big Gay is the biggest bully in America. They are the biggest bigots in America. They are sinister, they are malicious.

“They are trying to destroy the military, and with President Obama and with the Liberals in congress, with their collaboration they’re doing it.”

He goes on to suggest that people would stop their children from enlisting in the military because of gay service people.

“We have people calling this program that had generations of service in the military and they said look, if they allow open homosexuals to serve in the military, my son, my teenage son is not gonna be enlisting in the military.

“We’ve got males enlisting in the military for the last four generations, that comes to an end if open homosexuals are allowed to serve.

“That’s how we’re going to get to the draft ladies and gentlemen. They’re gonna have a tough time filling their ranks with qualified soldiers, so they’re gonna have to go to the draft just to get enough warm bodies.”

He concludes: “That means your daughters are gonna be pulled into the draft and they could be sent into combat to die, whether they wanna do it or not, because of Big Gay.”

Fischer recently said the Boy Scouts of America’s announcement that it might lift its ban on gay scouts could open its doors to paedophiles.

American Family Association spokesman, Bryan Fischer, commented on a recent announcement that the BSA would vote on whether or not to drop its national policy banning gay volunteers, members and staff.

Bryan Fischer previously came to the defence of an anti-gay evangelist who is being sued for supporting a Ugandan bill to intensify punishments for homosexuality, and claimed that “the left” is trying to “destroy” him.