US: Author of ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill compares homosexuality to ‘shooting heroin’

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The author of a newly revived bill proposing to outlaw any teaching about homosexuality in schools, has now compared being gay to “shooting heroin”.

Tennessee Republican Senator, Stacey Campfield, last week revived a bill proposing to limit mentions of homosexuality in schools, with an added clause that would order schools to report any student’s “gay activity” to their parents.

The bill would limit the teaching of material inconsistent with “natural human reproduction.”

In an interview with TMZ, Mr Campfield was asked why he didn’t think children should be taught about how to protect themselves from HIV.

He said: “You know, you could say the same thing about kids who are shooting heroin,” he replied. “We need to show them the best ways to shoot up. No, we don’t. Why do we have to hypersexualize little children? Why can’t we just let little kids be little kids for a while?

“The homosexual community gets AIDS at a 50 times higher rate than the heterosexual community,” he claimed, reports RawStory.

Mr Campfield went on to say that AIDS was a large problem in Africa because gay sex was more prevalent there. He said that gay sex was a “deadly thing to do.”

Stacey Campfield first introduced the “Don’t Say Gay” bill in 2008 and revived it in 2011, but it failed to get off the ground after its sponsor “decided simply not to bring it up” in the State House in 2012. It had originally prohibited discussion of same-sex relationships in schools before the eighth grade.

His previous track record on LGBT issues includes comparing homosexuality to bestiality, and claiming that it is “virtually impossible” to contract HIV through heterosexual sex.