US: Black Keys drummer receives homophobic abuse from Justin Bieber fans over feud

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The drummer of US band the Black Keys, has faced a tirade of homophobic abuse over Twitter from Justin Bieber fans, after he changed his picture and username, and pretended to be him.

Patrick Carney, drummer in the Ohio-based band the Black Keys, ignited a feud when he tweeted last week to suggest that Justin Bieber didn’t deserve a Grammy nomination.

He suggested that his career was based on making money quickly, rather than winning awards. Justin Bieber had responded to say that the drummer should be “slapped around”, and the feud seemed to have died down, however Carney appeared to be to blame for it flaring up again.

The drummer, who married his wife Emily Ward, in 2012, appeared to have seen the funny side of the argument, as he re-ignited the controversy by changing his Twitter photo and username to those of the “Boyfriend” star.

He has now been bombarded with homophobic abuse from angry Justin Bieber fans, some of whom even said they hoped he would get “hit by a bus”.

One Bieber fan @JB_BELIEBER66 wrote: “it’s really sad how ugly old and pathetic you are. You have to pretend to be Justin just to feel good about your self…. Go get a LIFE instead of waisting your time upsessing (sic) over Justin YOU GAY ASS BITCH”.

Another, @marilla22, wrote: “How could you hate on justin for not getting a Grammy while your sitting there like a faggot ass playing cheap ass drums like bye”.

“Maybe patrick carney’s gay and this is his way of coming out,” @StateofJBieber wrote.

@delreyvogue said: “Does patrick carney even realise how much of a faggot he looks.”

@barney_hurtado said he hoped the drummer would be injured. He wrote: “@patrickcarney I hope you get hit by a bus!”

After returning back to himself, the Twitter bio of Carney read: “official twitter for the actual verified Patrick Carney (formerly Justin Bieber). Drummer in the Black Keys. Pet Groomer.”

He continued to respond to, and retweet the abusive tweets from Bieber.