Wheatus criticise The Wanted for ‘hateful and homophobic’ tweet about One Direction

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

US rock music group Wheatus, has slammed UK boyband the Wanted, after one of its members tweeted a ‘homophobic’ message about a member of rival band One Direction, and used the hashtag #itgetsbetter.

Tom Parker of the Wanted, tweeted Louis Tomlinson with a reference suggesting the 21-year-old One Direction star was in the closet, and should come out.

Alluding to rumours around Tomlinson’s sexuality, despite having a long term girlfriend, Parker wrote: “I’ll enjoy the press even more when you come clean #narnia #itgetsbetter.”

Wheatus, the band of Teenage Dirtbag fame, weighed in on the argument, tweeting today: “Homophobia is the ugliest kind of jealousy. #evil.”

They went on to say: “Too many young people are suffering the loneliest sadness & fear. Use of the #itgetsbetter hash tag in a hateful manner is unacceptable.”

“Seriously guys don’t accept that kinda talk from ANYONE. You are beautiful & you deserve a fulfilled life JUST AS YOU ARE #itgetsbetter.”

Since the tweet by Parker, One Direction fans have come together in support, and deemed the tweet, and the sentiment, unacceptable.

The It Gets Better campaign was started by the Trevor Project, and encourages people to share stories about coming out, and to support gay youths who may face bullying because of their sexuality, using the message: “It gets better.”

Back in January, Manchester’s Key 103 radio station was disciplined by Ofcom after one of its breakfast show presenters made a homophobic comment during an interview with boyband The Wanted.

Back in November, openly gay Bravo TV executive Andy Cohen raised eyebrows while being interviewed on NBC’s Today by labeling the pop group One Direction as “twinks”.

In February, Patrick Carney, drummer in the Ohio-based band the Black Keys, ignited a feud when he tweeted to suggest that Justin Bieber didn’t deserve a Grammy nomination, and was greeted with a tirade of homophobic abuse from Bieber fans.