US radio host: Nondiscrimination laws actually discriminate and ‘create a climate of suspicion, spite and revenge’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

US Christian radio host Linda Harvey has spoken out on the issue of anti-discrimination laws, to say that they actually make discrimination worse, and that they “create a climate of suspicion, spite and revenge”.

Harvey, of the adamantly anti-gay Mission America, spoke on her radio show to make the comments, suggesting that those opposed to the laws, or those who do not want to “respect homosexuality”, will themselves be discriminated against.

She said the laws, which forbid employers and businesses from discriminating against individuals based on sexuality, gender identity, race or gender, were actually “all about discrimination” and said that they “create a climate of suspicion, spite and revenge.”

“If you disagree about being required to respect homosexuality — however these folks want to define respect — at work, at school, at the pool or at the playground, you may find yourself the victim of this unrelenting agenda,” she continued.

Last week Harvey spoke on her programme to suggest that being gay is due to a “hormone imbalance”, similar to people who have eating disorders and become obese, and that it is a behaviour which can simply be “unlearned”.

Weighing in on the argument surrounding a gay Ohio couple who had their out-of-state marriage recognised last week by a judge because one of them is terminally ill, Harvey dismissed the case as “nonsense”.

Last month, Harvey attacked the US Supreme Court for its rulings in two key equal marriage cases, to call the justices “clueless, immoral leadership”.

PinkNews readers sometimes ask why it is that PinkNews reports on the latest vile outbursts by God Hates Fags organisers, the Westboro Baptist Church, or the most recent ludicrous and illogical statement by US radio personalities such like Linda Harvey

Our site’s founder Benjamin Cohen recently reflected on the importance of coverage on personalities such as Harvey, saying that by making the comments they do, they actually do a service to the LGBT community.