US: Christian radio host Linda Harvey thinks gay people are a myth

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Anti-gay activist Linda Harvey has said that it’s a “myth” that there are lots of gay people

According to a clip from Right Wing Watch, on her radio show Mission: America, Harvey attacked a LGBT-focussed book titled One Teacher in 10.

She laid into the “popular myth of a massive homosexual population [that has] been growing for years”

She said: “The truth never stopped homosexual activists from claiming the 10 percent figure.

“These attempts to normalise sinful behaviour have been discounted over and over.

“We need to keep repeating the reality that relatively few people enter and remain in these lifestyles.”

Kevin Jennings, author of One Teacher in 10 and founder of GLSEN, told PinkNews in response: “I don’t take Linda Harvey very seriously”.

Harvey is well-known for making homophobic remarks.

She has previously said that young gay people should not tell family and friends about their sexuality until they can become straight, and denied that gay teens get thrown out of their homes, instead implying that they leave of their own volition.

Listen to the clip below: