US: Ex-gay therapy newsletter claims it can end homophobic bullying by ‘curing’ gay people

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An ex-gay clinic in the US has released a newsletter declaring “the end of homosexuality,” in which parents can help prevent homophobic bullying by participating in its “revolution”.

ThinkProgress reports The International Healing Foundation, an ex-gay clinic led by Richard Cohen and organiser of “Ex-Gay Pride Month” Christopher Doyle, has asked for money so it may continue its work towards “the end of homosexuality.”

The newsletter reads:

Announcing THE END OF HOMOSEXUALITY Want to Know How?

Want to be part of an exciting revolution? Want to end homosexuality and prevent bullying? Want to protect your children and grandchildren?

Everyday our kids are being inundated with false information about homosexuality-born that way and cannot change. This is both scientifically and scripturally untrue.

In July, another ex-gay advocacy group PFOX lobbied lawmakers, claiming it acts out of a want for “protections” for gay men.

The group said: “Coming out of the closet as ex-gay or an ex-gay supporter will affect others because everyone has a family. But the alternative is worse – to stay in the closet and hide your light under a basket; to refuse to be the salt of this earth to others who are struggling in secret and think they’re the only ones who have this problem; to leave our comfort zone and take up the cross (coming out can be a sacrifice, no doubt about it); to have the courage to speak the truth even though we tremble. No one said it was going to be easy, but the alternative is worse because silence is death.

“How many gay men would still be alive today if someone had told them that there was a way out of homosexuality? AIDS and suicide took them away from us. It is up to each and every one of us to educate ourselves, our families, our politicians, our community, and our churches on the ex-gay issue. The more we talk about it the less shocked they and society will become, and healing will finally take place.”