US radio host celebrates launch of ‘gay free alternative to the Boy Scouts’

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A US radio host has commented on the recent launch of a new scouting organisation, created after the Boy Scouts of America lifted its ban on gay members, to celebrate the launch of a “gay-free alternative to the Boy Scouts”.

Over 1,200 disgruntled former Boy Scouts of America officials descended on Nashville, Tennessee at the weekend, in order to launch a new, “Christian-based” alternative to the BSA. Despite denying that the organisation was anti-BSA, Trail Life USA was created following the BSA’s decision to life its ban on gay scouting members.

Bryan Fischer, a US radio host and Director of Issue Analysis  at the anti-gay American Family Association (AFA), tweeted in celebration at the launch of Trail Life USA at the weekend.

In March John Stemberger, an Eagle Scout, who co-founded Tral Life USA, launched the group On My Honor to oppose gay BSA membership.


Despite this, however, Stemberger claimed on Friday that Trail LIfe was not an anti-BSA group. He said: “I want to be clear: We are not an anti-BSA organisation… In fact, we are not an anti-anything or anyone organisation.”

The AFA headed by Bryan Fischer have consistently launched attacks on LGBT people with Mr Fischer having recently called said that drowning would be more preferable than joining the Boy Scouts after they voted to allow openly gay scout members into the organisation.