Boris Johnson: My glasses are “a bit Sir Elton John’

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London Mayor Boris Johnson says one of his aides disapproves of his choice of glasses because they resemble the style worn by gay pop legend Sir Elton John.

The senior Tory admitted to LBC it was a “point of machismo” to avoid wearing them.

Boris specs CREDIT LBC

“I tell you why I’m not putting them on, because my Private Secretary Rocha doesn’t like these particular ones. They’re a bit Elton John,” he explained.

Are they really similar to Sir Elton’s?

“I try not to use mine,” Mr Johnson continued. “I’ll tell you why, because my superstition is if you use them your eyes get dependent on them and I try to avoid an ocular dependency culture. I’m trying to keep my ability to focus.”

In March, a spokesman for Sir Elton John rejected claims the pop icon had requested a separate temperature-controlled dressing room for his collection of specs as part of his tour of South America.

On Tuesday evening Sir Elton lost his cool with a bunch of photographers and told them to “F**K off” as he made his way to a Hollywood restaurant.