Short film project aims to tackle trans issues by showing life through the eyes of a trans woman

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A video project has been launched in order to raise awareness of trans issues by showing the public the life of a young trans woman through her eyes.

Through Her Eyes, is a new short film campaign, which is currently raising funds, and aims to give a different perspective on trans issues by showing discrimination, abuse, and her own thoughts.

The film will be narrated by the woman as she goes about her day to day life.

The project aims to allow the public to become more accepting and thoughtful in addressing trans issues, or when encountering members of the trans community.

Through Her Eyes is being produced by trans people, and seeks “A more honest portrayal of transgender individuals in film/tv, and more empathy and understanding towards the transgender community.”

The Kickstarter page for the project is available here, until 8 November. The project has reached its minimum level of funding, but is still accepting donations to push it further.

Being filmed and produced in November and December the film will be premiered in spring 2013, in a range of locations. It will also be hosted online, free to watch, and accompanied by a range of transgender information and resources.

More information is also available on Facebook, WordPress and Tumblr.