Britney Spears’s favourite author believes equal marriage will lead to legalised polygamy and incest

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Britney Spears has named her favourite author as a preacher who believes equal marriage is one step from legalised polygamy, incest and bestiality.

The ‘Oops!… I Did It Again’ star told a fan her favourite book to read is ”anything by Max Lucado”, during a Twitter Q&A to promote her new album.

In 2004, Max Lucado, a best-selling author and writer and preacher at Oak Hills Church in Texas, wrote: “If they recognize gay marriage, what will keep them from the next step?  Who’s to say that one man can’t marry five women? Or two men and two women? How about a commune marriage? Or a marriage between a daddy and a daughter or a woman and a giraffe? Don’t underestimate the evil bent of the human heart”.

He continued: “Homosexual union then is not a step forward, but a step backward. A step back into the society from which God delivered us”.

However in Lucado’s 2011 work, Max on Life, he argues that: “Jesus loves his gay children. Nothing can separate us from the love of God. This includes homosexuality. He made them, came for them, and died for them.”

Britney Spears has supported the gay community over the course of her career. In response to Miss California Carrie Prejeans disapproved of equal marriage in 2009, Britney tweeted “Love is love! People should be able to do whatever makes them happy!” In 2011, she told Out magazine she would love her sons “no matter what,” were either to come out as gay. This year, she also told talk show host Alan Carr that her single “Work B**ch,” is apparently “in respect to the gays.” In October, the pop icon said that gay people are “adorable and hilarious” – although some criticised the remarks as patronising.