Countless celebrities were inspired by Tom Daley’s coming out video, here are just a few examples

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Earlier we brought you a rather sad list of some of the insults. thrown at British Olympic diver Tom Daley after he revealed he is in a relationship with a man yesterday, but here is something to brighten the mood.

We thought that was a bit depressing, so to redress the balance, here is our list of (just some of) the celebrities who have wished Tom well. We have to say, alongside the huge number of well-wishes from other Twitter users, these messages show that a majority of people support his decision to come out.

Kyle Minogue started the ball rolling:

X Factor star Lucy Spraggan revealed a secret Google habit in congratulating Tom:

Lady Gaga also tweeted to congratulate the star


Matt Lucas took a serious moment to reflect on Tom’s video:

Stephen Fry made a little Christmas themed joke (yes it is December already):  

Fellow diver Matthew Mitcham was sweet in his support:

Rugby star and founder of the Stand Up anti-bullying campaign Ben Cohen:

The personality so many love to hate Piers Morgan, sent a poignant message to any haters out there:

Boy George as well: 

Dr Christian Jessen


Finally, fellow Olympic diver Chris Mears also wrote on Facebook to say: “Just a quick post of support for one of my best friends, Tom Daley,” he wrote. “A small step in the grand scheme of things, a big step for him, and hopefully a MASSIVE step towards stamping out the stigmas of sexuality in sport! I’m really proud to call you my mate.”

Well done Tom!