Scotland YouGov poll reports 56% support equal marriage

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A poll by YouGov shows a majority of Scotland’s population support marriage rights for same-sex couples.

It’s the first poll to be released since last month’s landmark vote on equal marriage by the Scottish Parliament.

56% of Scots support the legislation going through Holyrood; 35% are opposed, while 8% are unsure.

The findings have been welcomed by equal marriage campaigners who say MSPs should “take heart” from the level of support among the public.

In June 2012, a poll by Ipsos-MORI put support for equal marriage in Scotland at 64%.

The Marriage and Civil Partnerships (Scotland) Bill passed its first Stage One vote on 20 November.

It will now go back to the Equal Opportunities Committee for a more detailed “line-by-line” scrutiny; amendments to the bill are likely to be made by the committee.

If the bill passes at Stage Two, the Stage Three vote is likely to happen around February.