UKIP Councillor admits to using wrong sized condoms and being ‘baffled’ by lesbians

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A UK Independence Party councillor in West Yorkshire is “baffled” by Britain’s social acceptance of homosexuality and says that he finds “female homosexuality” even stranger, whilst also going into great detail about his sex life and crudely joking about the transmission of HIV.

Cllr Sam Fletcher, a UKIP Town Councillor for Keighley, for Bracken Bank and Ingrow Ward on Keighley Town Council, began a rather strange post on Facebook on the subject of Bulgarian immigration.

He then said: “I suppose British society has become far more complex and harder to immediately understand since it became socially acceptable to be openly homosexual. I have no shame or embarrassment in admitting I’m baffled at times, in terms of my personal understanding, but I accept people’s right to be different and I welcome diversity.”

He added: “Au contraire, I find female homosexuality more strange, personally, if anything.”

Suggesting tolerance towards gay people was a bit like learning to enjoy different types of food, Cllr Fletcher said: “Well actually ordinary mushrooms have grown on me in recent years. I used to really hate the texture when I was a child. Now I can tolerate them.”

And then, out of nowhere, he said this: “Also, she refused to go on top when I offered, which I though was odd, because that would have given her the power of self-regulation.”

He also crudely joked: “Did you hear about the chap who went to the doctors, he said ‘Would it be possible for me to contract AIDS from a toilet seat?’ The doctor said ‘Well, only if you sit down before the other bloke stands up”.

Asked if he was having an affair, Cllr Fletcher stated: “I do believe affairs are morally repugnant. But then when we met [omitted] at Christmas 2012 it hadn’t happened at the time, to be fair.”

He added: “Yes, I really must stop talking [of] what’s not mine. However I haven’t committed adultery because I’m not married.”

Cllr Fletcher was then asked if he had slept with the unnamed women in September 2013.  He replied: “Yep September 2013. With protection. Worn at some discomfort to myself, as ever, but worn all the same”

The councillor then began to talk about condom size. “Of course I have. However, I have a stack of standard sized condoms and I’m waiting till I use them all up before I buy any more. I mean, it’s not THAT bad anyway, I’ve not had any accidents or consequences yet.”

Green Party peer Jenny Jones tweeted PinkNews to simply say: “I’m baffled by UKIP.”