Miley Cyrus: Opposing equal marriage is ‘incomprehensible’

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Miley Cyrus has said that it’s ‘incomprehensible’ that some people still oppose equal marriage in the US.

In an interview with German Vogue, the former Disney star said: “Despite the fact that it’s the 21st century and America is so proud of being a free country, sometimes incomprehensible things happen in our society.

“There is racism and discrimination. I fight against that. I demand more tolerance, especially for homosexuals, who of course should be allowed to marry.”

She also said that “every young person has the right to get free of whatever’s restricting them” and challenge taboos as she does with “wild outfits or crazy haircuts”.

The Wrecking Ball singer has spoken out in favour of equal marriage on several occasions, and in 2011 she got a ‘gay rights’ tattoo on her wedding finger.

She also praised her former employer, the Disney channel, for introducing same-sex parents for the first time.

Two lesbian parents, Susan and Jane, appeared in an episode of ‘Good Luck Charlie’ last month.

An interest in politics runs in the family, as her grandfather was Democrat statesman Ronald Ray Cyrus.