US: Fox Host Bill O’Reilly says he is worried about ‘homosexual overtones’ in the girl scouts

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Fox News Host Bill O’Reilly has recently criticised the Girl Scouts of the USA for hiring a spokesman who was a member of a “controversial punk band with homosexual overtones.”

During an episode of the O’Reilly Factor on Wednesday, Girl Scouts spokeswoman Kelly Parisi was brought on for questioning over whether the organisation had begun “leaning left.”

O’Reilly questioned Ms Parisi about the instatement of Josh Ackley as the organisation’s spokesman, who was once a bassist for the New York punk-rock band The Dead Betties.

He said: “Let’s get on to a spokesperson who I don’t think works for you now but certainly did, was a member of a controversial punk band with homosexual overtones.

“When I saw that you guys hired, paid a guy in a punk band with homosexual overtones, I’m going ‘is that a good choice for the Girl Scouts?’

“You then have to understand the flak when conservative Americans see a spokesperson for the Girl Scouts who is a member or was a member of a punk rock band with homosexual overtones. They’re going ‘what the deuce is going on?’ Surely you understand that.”

Not the first time O’Reilly has made anti-gay claims, in August last year, he was criticised for defending an anti-gay rights lobby group who have made claims that there are connections between homosexuality and pedophilia.

Back in January, Bill O’Reilly and fellow host Megyn Kelly, mocked the physical appearance of a transgender prisoner, repeatedly calling her ‘he’ and joked that she isn’t attractive enough to be in danger of being physically assaulted in prison.