US study: LGBT people nearly twice as likely to struggle with issues of hunger

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A new US study has shown that LGBT people are nearly twice more likely to struggle with issues of hunger than the general population.

According to the recent report from the Williams Institute, 29% of LGBT adults in the past year have experienced a time where did not have enough money to feed themselves, compared to just 15% of heterosexuals.

According to one study included in the analysis, LGB adults aged 18-44 were also 1.3 times more likely than their heterosexual counterparts to receive food stamps.

For members of the gay community raising children, couples under the age of 18 are 2.1 times more likely than opposite-sex couples to receive food stamps.

There are also divisions within the different categories of the LGBT community as a whole.

For example, about 25% of bisexuals receive food stamp, compared to 14% of gay and lesbian people.

37% of African-American LGBT adults, 55% of Native Americans, and 78% of Native Hawaiians all also experience food insecurity, compared 23% of white LGBT adults.

A survey last year found that over a quarter of homeless people in San Francisco identified as LGBT, nearly twice as many as identify as such in the city overall.